V International Tourist Festival-Competition of Video, Photo and Animation "DIVO EURASIA"


on the holding of the V International Tourist Festival-Competition of Video, Photo and Animation "Divo of Eurasia"


I. General provisions

1.1. This regulation determines the goals, objectives, terms, procedure for organizing and holding the V International Tourist Festival-Competition of Video, Photo and Animation "Divo Eurasia" (hereinafter referred to as the Competition).
1.2. The organizer of the Competition is the organizing committee of the festival-competition of video presentations "Divo of Russia".
1.3. Organizer of the Competition:
1.3.1. Establishes the timing and rules for the Contest;
1.3.2. Appoints the Expert Council of the Competition.
1.4. The competition is held in 4 (four) stages:
1st stage - until April 30, 2022 (correspondence) "Submission of applications and materials for the V International Tourist Festival-Competition of Video, Photo and Animation" Divo Eurasia "from different countries. Applications are accepted from January 1 to 2020.
2nd stage - Qualifying. "Selection of the best projects for participation in the final." The best projects selected by experts and "spectators" will reach the final in each nomination.

3rd stage - Final of the V International Tourist Festival-Competition of Video, Photo and Animation "Divo Eurasia" (the final will be held online on the Zoom platform).
4th stage - Preparation and placement of the results of the Competition, post-releases and other information materials in the media, the blogosphere, social networks, tourist Internet forums and other sites.
1.5. The Organizer of the Contest reserves the right to make changes and additions on all issues related to the preparation and conduct of the Contest.
1.6. Participation in the competition is free for full-time project defense at the finals, and paid (199 EUR) for part-time defense (absence of a participant at the finals).
1.7. The results of the Contest are published on the official website of the Contest - www.divo.pw


II. Goals and objectives of the competition

2.1. Supporting initiatives that contribute to improving the tourist image and investment attractiveness of tourist industry facilities, promoting the development of inbound tourism, forming a data bank on tourist projects, routes, facilities and places in Eurasia.

2.2. Assistance to the population of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan) (hereinafter - the EAEU) in choosing the most attractive tourist routes, objects and places on the territory of the countries of Eurasia.
2.3. Creation of open information and communication platforms for exchange of experience and organization of interaction of all interested persons and organizations in the field of international tourism development.
2.4. Promotion of tourism projects, routes, objects and places in the Eurasian space, drawing the attention of the media to the prospects for tourism development, rich and unique natural,
recreational, cultural and historical heritage of the countries of Eurasia.
2.5. Identification of interesting, creative tourism projects, routes, objects and places in various tourist destinations, identification, popularization of objects of the tourism industry and their promotion. Creation of conditions for the formation of new, development and popularization of existing and little-known tourist routes, objects and places, as well as stimulating their development.
2.6. Comprehensive enlightenment and acquaintance of the guests of the International Forum with the natural, cultural and historical wealth of the countries of Eurasia.
2.7. Encouraging the creative and social activity of persons involved in the development of international tourism in the Eurasian space.
2.8. Increasing the competitiveness of tourist routes, objects and places of the countries of Eurasia. Based on the materials submitted to the Competition, an analysis will be carried out and trends in the development of the tourism industry will be updated, promising tourist routes, objects and places for their subsequent promotion will be identified.


The organizers of the Competition set themselves the task of collecting complete information about the tourist potential of the countries of Eurasia and, in the future, creating a tourist guide in the form of a mobile application and a printed edition, as well as their distribution.


III. Requirements and conditions for participation in the Competition

3.1. Representatives of the tourism, hotel and sanatorium-resort industries of all regions of the EAEU countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia), as well as individuals and tourism-related activities are invited to participate in the Competition.
Other countries of Europe and Asia can also take part in the competition categories, provided that films and applications are submitted in Russian or English.
3.2. Members of the Expert Council are not entitled to participate in the competition.
3.3. Applications are accepted for the Competition, corresponding to the theme of the Competition. All materials submitted for the Competition (films, videos, animations, slideshows, photographs, applications, etc.) for the Competition must be voiced and decorated in Russian or English.

3.4. Participants of the Contest submit their materials and application to the email address of the Contest Organizer:
divoeurasia@mail.ru marked “V International Tourist Festival-Competition of Film, Video, Photo and Animation“ Divo of Eurasia ”:
- an application for participation in the Competition in the form according to Appendix No. 1;
- competitive project. One project can be submitted only for one nomination. Format for movies, videos, slideshows and animations MP4, MPEG, AVI and others that are supported by video hosting.
Materials are sent by e-mail, which contains a link to one of the three file hosting services (Yandex, Google, Mail). Materials are not accepted through other file hosting services.


3.5. Projects are presented in the following formats and categories:


Format 3.5.1. Horizontal format video (aspect ratio 16:9):

Tourism Section:
TV Commercials/Ads (Up to 1 Minutes)

- Brand/Promotional Tourism Videos (Up to 4 Minutes)

- Short Documentaries (Up to 15 Minutes)

- Documentaries (Up to 90 Minutes)


Categories & Nominations:

1) Tourism Destinations

  • Cities; 

  • Regions; 

  • Countries; 

  • Film Locations.

2) Nature & Eco Tourism

  • Rural Tourism & Agritourism

  • Responsible Tourism

  • Natural Attractions

3) Tourism Products

  • Cultural Tourism; 

  • Health and Wellness Tourism; 

  • Gastronomic tourism; 

  • Ecotourism; 

  • Religious tourism;

  •  Shopping tourism; 

  • Events and Congresses; 

  • Medical tourism; 

  • Wine tourism; Rural tourism;

  • Astro Tourism

4) Tourism Services

  • Accommodation (Hotels/Resorts, Private Game Reserves, Villas, Boutique Hotels, Guest Houses, Lodges, Bed and Breakfasts etc)

  • Safari Holidays;

  • Tour operators; 

  • Transport Companies (Car Rental, Airlines, Limousines, Ferries, Railways, Cruises)

  • Other Tourism Services (Tourism Agencies, Tour Guiding, Restaurants, DMC, Group Travel Companies, Private Travel Companies)

  • Sports and Adventure Travel (Sailing, Sea Sports, Diving, Surfing, Hiking, Sking, Bicycle Touring) Outdoor activities, Extreme Sports


Format 3.5.2. Vertical format video (aspect ratio: 9:16):


- videos about tourism (up to 15 sec)

- humor in tourism (up to 30 seconds)

- videos about tourism (up to 1 minutes)

- videos about tourism (up to 3 minutes)

- videos about tourism (up to 10 minutes)


Format 3.5.2. Animation


- animations about tourism (up to 5 minutes)


Format 3.5.3. Photos

Categories :

- photo reportage about tourism (up to 10 photos + explanatory text to this story)

3.6. The participant is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and compliance with copyright protection laws.
3.7. The documentation submitted by the applicant for the Tender is not returned. Its return can be made only if the application is withdrawn.
3.8. Refusal of admission to participation in the Competition is possible in case of late submission of competitive materials and in case of detection of inaccurate information in them, as well as inconsistency with the Regulation of the Competition.
3.9. The costs of participation in the face-to-face stages of the competition (travel, meals, accommodation) shall be covered by the competitor.
3.10. In order to inform the public about the Contest
The organizer reserves the right to use the materials sent by the participants on their sites:
- the official website of the Contest www.divo.pw ;
- video channels "Divo Eurasia" on YouTube.com and other social networks;
- on the websites of the organizers and information partners of the Competition.
In this case, the name of the project and the region (or country) are indicated. At the end of the video, the authors and owners of the video are allowed to put their own imprint.


IV. Assessment of projects. Determination of the winners of the Competition and their rewarding.

4.1. Evaluation of projects submitted to the Competition is carried out at 2 stages:
4.1.1. Selection of the best projects for participation in the final: competitive projects submitted by the participants of the Competition are considered by the Expert Council. In the course of consideration and selection of the submitted materials, the finalists of the Contest are determined, who are admitted to the next stage of the Contest.
4.1.2. Final ”- the works are evaluated by the Expert Council on the basis of the video presented, a brief explanation of the project by the participants of the competition (1-2 minutes) and answers to questions asked by experts. Preference will be given to the most vivid, thematically filled, interesting in content projects with a creative creative approach, as well as in compliance with professional and ethical standards. Projects for each nomination are selected for the final from the EAEU member countries: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, as well as other countries that submitted applications in Russian or English (with captions in Russian or explanatory text in Russian). According to the results of the competition, the winners and prize-winners of the competition are determined.
4.1.3. The decision of the Expert Council is drawn up in minutes and signed by the Chairman of the Expert Council.
4.2. The winners of the Competition are awarded with diplomas and cups.
4.3. Participants of the Competition who did not take the I, II and III places are awarded a diploma of the participant in the final.

4.4. Additional awards for the finalists from the partners of the festival-competition are possible.


V. Intellectual property rights
5.1. By participating in the Contest, the participant guarantees that:
5.1.1. He is the legal owner of the materials submitted to the Contest and has an exclusive right in relation to them;
5.1.2. In the event of claims against the Organizer from third parties regarding the use of information, he undertakes to independently and at his own expense settle all disputes with the persons who presented the indicated
5.1.3. If third parties, in court or otherwise, challenge the Organizer's right to use the information, the participant is obliged to take part in the proceedings on the Organizer's side and prove the legality
use of information by the Organizer;
5.1.6. If the participant is unable to prove the legality of the use and disposal of information, and the Organizer is held liable, the participant is obliged to reimburse the Organizer within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of entry into force of the decision of the court and / or other body considering the dispute, court costs, the amount to be collected from the Organizer in favor of a third party, other costs associated with the legal proceedings.
5.2. In the event of claims against the Organizer from the owners of copyright and / or related rights, their authorized representatives or third parties regarding the use of information by the Organizer,
the participant undertakes at his own expense to settle all disputable issues with third parties who have presented the relevant claims.
5.3. By participating in the Contest, the participant grants the Organizer the right to reproduce, copy, publish, show (public) displays, as well as communicate to the public by any means, including
air and cable, posting on the Internet (publicizing), including social networks, materials submitted to the Competition (non-exclusive license). This license is provided by the participant to use the information by the Organizer in any way not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, including through:
- display during the Contest and on special online channels;
- publications in information and advertising materials of the organizers of the Competition;
- publications in print and electronic media;
- storing information submitted for participation in the Competition in their archives (in electronic or other formats) for five years from the date of the Competition;
- posting information on the websites of the organizers of the Competition (bringing it to the public);
- use of information for photo albums, informational booklets, digital media and other products, including souvenir products.


Vi. Final provisions

6.1. Participation in the Competition (the fact of sending the application and video materials to the Competition) means:
6.1.1. Full and unconditional acceptance by the participant of the conditions and rules of the Contest established by the Organizer and agreement with the requirements established by the Organizer for participation in the Contest;
6.1.2. Acceptance by the participant of the obligation to comply with the conditions and rules of the Contest established by the Organizer;
6.1.3. Consent to the storage and processing of personal data of participants in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data.
6.2. Any violation of the requirements for participation in the Competition established by the Organizer is the basis for not accepting them for consideration.
6.3. The decisions of the Expert Council are final and not subject to revision.
6.4. The Organizer of the Competition does not comment on the grounds and reasons for making the decisions of the Expert Council.

6.5. When processing the personal data of the Contest participants, the Organizer of the Contest is guided by Federal Law No. 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 "On Personal Data".


What does participation in this event give?

Additional platforms are created for Participants on the websites of the Organizer and its information partners. It is planned to attract a wide audience of interested persons from all EAEU countries to the Competition. The competition also wears
training character, and well-known Russian and international experts, as well as representatives of specialized media are involved in its implementation. The winners will be awarded with diplomas, cups, valuable gifts.

The winners of the contest and paid participants will be posted on 10 video channels of Divo Russia and Divo Eurasia, contest websites and other media


The main website of the Competition is www.divo.pw
Additional - www.divo.su

These sites will post news, materials of participants and other information about the Contest.


E-mail: divoeurasia@mail.ru


Contact persons of the Festival Organizing Committee:
Krivtsov Sergey +7 (952) 456-59-60
Kozina Irina +7 (906) 369-94-96 (Viber, WhatsAp) - for Russian-speaking countries

Mihaly Aranyossy  +36 30 9587 819 (Viber, WhatsAp, Wechat) - for English-speaking countries